Socialising Your Puppy

One essential aspect of training any puppy is socialisation. He needs to be confident when interacting with other animals and people (and this includes strangers).
This information will help you understand how to handle your puppy’s socialising skills, which should start as early as you can.

Before being able to socialise your puppy, remember that he needs to have all vaccinations carried out prior to mingling with other dogs to avoid him contracting any diseases. When buying the puppy from the breeder, ask him to tell you how best to socialise your puppy and the ideal time to start.

Before all vaccinations have been carried out, you can still commence social training with your other pets and with people in your home. He needs to be comfortable around you and other household members. Then invite other people to visit for this purpose.

Some dogs won’t like being around other dogs and you need to teach your puppy this as well. Then he won’t assume all dogs will be receptive to him if he wants to make friends. Most dogs have their own quirks and your puppy should be taught to live with such quirks and realise they’re not always the leader.

It’s vital that you put your puppy in new and different situations and the more frequently you do so, the more resilient he’ll become. Placing him in a range of scenarios while he’s still young will help reduce the fear and stress he may feel as
an older dog.

Your local bus or train station is a great place for socialising, especially when in the crowded times. You can carry him at the start, so he can see people and watch what’s going on. This will help allay any initial fears he may have.

Once your puppy adjusts to the chaos that exists in those places, you can put him on the ground and control him with the leash. Get him to move around and meet people as they go about their business. Another place to go is on paths alongside busy roads. This is more critical if you plan on walking your puppy along the footpath of a busy road regularly.

The number one reason for teaching your puppy to be social is so he can meet other dogs. Once a puppy has been removed from his mother and litter, he generally won’t have interaction with other puppies or dogs. This means he has a big gap in his knowledge regarding how to react if he comes across another animal of any type.

Because of this, it’s advisable to take your puppy to obedience school where he’s taught the best ways to socialise with dogs of different breeds and sizes. The school provides a safe, controlled environment in which to do this.

Don’t take him to dog parks. There’s no guarantee that other dogs have been trained properly by owners and this may cause an unnecessary accident. If your puppy isn’t socialised correctly, he may start growling, snarling and even fighting when he comes across another dog.

If your beloved pet is taught to socialise, you won’t have to be concerned with crossing to the other side of the street each time another dog approaches you. Always teach your puppy how to socialise in a controlled environment, regardless of whether other animals or people are involved.

Don’t assume your puppy will be fine without you bothering to train him the right way. Supervision is critical because a single bad experience can easily affect the way your puppy sees life in a negative manner and, sometimes, he may never recover.

Once a puppy has been taught to socialise correctly, it will be fun to go for walks and you won’t feel stressed in case he sees other dogs or people approaching him. Antisocial behaviour can be eliminated if you start training your puppy as early in his life as possible.

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