A Dog’s Temperament

The word “temperament” refers to the way a dog sees life as a whole. Elements that make up a dog’s temperament include: degree of playfulness, how social he likes to be, how active he behaves, how keen he is to explore his environment and a few others as well.

Your ideal dog should be even-tempered; not becoming over-emotional whenever he’s faced with typical sounds, sights and activities that occur during his daily life.
He’ll be keen to play but he’ll also have a cautious, reserved side when he’s in an environment that’s quiet.

If a dog has a good temperament, he’ll be social whenever he gets the opportunity. If you’re taking him for a walk and you come across a group of people, your dog may seem aloof or cautious and alert. Regardless of which behaviour he exhibits, he shouldn’t be aggressive in any way.

It’s normal for a dog with the right temperament to check out different sounds and unusual objects. He’ll naturally be curious and won’t hesitate to move away from you to check out something that catches his eye, ear or nose.

A dog will generally always be looking for things to do so he can enjoy life and be active. The word “courage” is defined as a lack of fear when placed in an environment that’s threatening in some way. The best dogs will aggressively stand their ground when threatened.

A dog shouldn’t go crazy when threatened but he also shouldn’t be too passive. However, the key is that he shouldn’t retreat. After the threat is gone, he’ll generally revert back to his usual calm self but will remain a bit more vigilant for a while.

A great test example is where he’s confronted with a person who threatens him. This is designed to test his temperament and nerves, not how courageous his heart is in such incidents.

When testing your dog’s courage, you need to set up realistic scenarios. For example, don’t use a test designed for an adult dog on a puppy. Factors to be considered when running tests include: age, prior training, maturity level and various other aspects.

Most dogs who aren’t trained will feel intimidated when faced with an overwhelming threat. The ultimate goal of such tests is to see when your dog’s courage kicks in and when it starts to disappear.
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